About the AFL Draft

The Draft is the beginning, initiation and launch of every AFL player.

It can make or break a club with their selections. Like Richmond selecting Richard Tambling at pick four over Lance Franklin or Essendon snatching James Hird at pick 71, the football world will always be intrigued by those numbers.

Every weekend hundred of players run out, all with different draft history. They will be judged on the numbers they have associated with them. It may be brutal but it is the industry that exists.

As the years go on the football public are becoming more fascinated by the draft and the night itself has grown into a sizeable spectacle. Clubs put more time into watching games, viewing statistics, analysing draftees and discussing draft options than ever before. They realise that draft selections are arguably the difference between success and failure especially in the first round of the draft.

At the AFL Draft we revisit drafts of the past and see where clubs potentially went wrong or right and how the selections should have been ordered in hindsight, also analyse stories of the draft, how players are going with draft selection pressure and previewing upcoming drafts and potential draftees. We love debate and feedback on our pieces knowing football fans are passionate as any sport fans the talk between supporters in never ending.

I feel connected to the draft as a young man myself interesting to hear stories of the similar young men who are going through the process of being drafted as well as supporting a struggling side in St Kilda so the draft is seen as an area of grand opportunity for revitalisation. I often follow the draft talk between fans through the forums online of potential future draft selections or which players could be potentially traded so it is of close interest to myself.