Should the Suns let Ablett go?

Should the Suns should let Ablett go?

Gary Ablett Junior arrived at the Gold Coast Suns Football Club in 2011 as the face of the new and exciting franchise ready to take the competition by storm. Six years later and Ablett appears set to turn his back on the football club and head back to where he was in the first place, Geelong.

The future is clouded for the two time Brownlow medalist with options ranging from retirement, playing on with his current club or leaving for another club. The latter looks the most favourable currently. But what should the Gold Coast Suns do in their position?

He is contracted until the end of 2018, effectively giving the power to the Suns to keep him if wanted or trade for compensation if they see fit. If the players does want to retire that’s another live option which will void the final year of contract. If he does want to leave then what should the Suns do, let him stay or go?

If they let Ablett go and leave the club for another team its almost certain to be the Geelong Football Club. Where he was originally drafted as a father son and where his father Gary Ablett Senior played for 14 years.

Positives remain for the Gold Coast that they should get great salary cap relief, not that it’s a tight squeeze for them currently but also trade or draft currency in return seeing as Ablett is in contract still. Its also commonly seen as ethically correct if a player wants to leave a club for the right reasons (mainly family or personal life) to be let from a contract, while if not released then the opposite may be thought of the club. It would also give more attention to other high profile players in their club to shine as well as more time for younger players on field.

Ablett is also supposedly battling personal issues. An unknown matter that only adds mystery to his footballing future.

Strong reports emerged in last years trade period featuring that Ablett had requested a trade back to Geelong and leave the club as the reigning captain of six years. The request was swiftly denied by the football club as the contract was still valid for two years. It is perhaps a preview of what is to come after this year’s football season.

If they are adamant Ablett must stay and play out the final year of his contract the player may be dissatisfied and retire based off their decision. A major sticking point for the Suns keeping Ablett may be that he will potentially negatively effect the club in future years by playing against them and causing the Suns added oppositional headaches.

So the calls looks likely to ultimately come down to the Suns, with Abletts mind looking set on a return to his home town after six years spent in Queensland. Do they make a statement to their playing list saying a contract must be abided by or do they let the player walk?


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