Twitter list

AFL Drafts Twitter List

This Twitter List in intended to cover the most important members of the AFL draft process through gaining the key information while also allowing for interesting journalism and stories of the past.


The official account of the NAB AFL Draft is an essential source for quick and accurate information. Often retweets AFL medias draft articles featuring potential draftees or under-18 championship squads.

Brenton Sanderson @SandoBrent

Sanderson is the AFLs National Academy Head Coach so he has great insight and personal experience with potential draftees and recent draftees. A previous AFL coach Sanderson is also a great football man and analyses the game well.

Matthew Lloyd @MatthewLloyd18

Lloyd is the AIS academy assistant coach so also has great insight and access to the best young talent in the country. Lloyd shares his thoughts of the past of who was elite as youngsters and who should have been picked where.

Brett Anderson @BrettAndersonIF

Brett Anderson is a Melbourne based AFL journalist and draft/trade analyst for 1116 Sen sports radio station. Anderson as a top sports journalist closely follows the draft and can gain inside word on club strategy and thinking.

Terry Wallace @thelistmanager

Terry Wallace is a past AFL coach and now focuses on list management. He is a real expert when it comes to draft and trading. He stays active through his opinions on the AFL and is especially prominent during key trade and draft times including running a trade radio where he features lots of draft talk.

Future Stars @FutureStarsTV

Future Stars are a TV show on the nine network that is dedicated to the AFL draft. They feature Terry Wallace and Kevin Sheehan who are draft experts on their show. The show will preview draftees, revisit past drafts and bring on players and discuss their draft past.

Matt Balmer @MattBalmer7

Matt Balmer is a 2nd year journalism student who edits for AFLDraftCentral and is a AFLDraft analyst. He tweets many of his blogs and other draft related work which is roar and less mainstream.

Callum Twomey @CalTwomey

Cal Twomey is one of the key men is the AFL draft coverage annually. Journalist for AFL media Twomey specialises in the draft alongside Nat Edwards and runs a weekly podcast discussing the draft future. He often speaks with key draft figures and watches lots of under-18 football.

Sam Landsberger @SamLandsberger

Sam Landsberger is a Herald Sun journalist who covers AFL and has many talked about pieces on the draft. He is a pioneer of the “pick me” series run by the herald sun were potential draftees tell people why they should be selected.

Kevin Sheehan @AFL_Shifter

The AFLs national talent manager Kevin Sheehan has a wealth of knowledge into the draft system and follows the journeys of the best youngsters. He also works oversees to cover internationals vying to play AFL.



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